As your coach I support you as you work towards a desired outcome in work, family, personal or spiritual life. You may feel stuck and are looking for something new, or, you may want to bloom where you are planted in a more grounded and balanced way.

Our relationship begins with a desired outcome in work, family, personal, or spiritual life. Together, we make a plan from session to session, adapting as life comes along. Each session we will dedicate time to celebrate the work you have done, evaluate what you have accomplished, and work out the next steps you want to take.

The values that inform my work

Empathy : My first priority is to provide you with a caring and judgment free space.

Hope :  Hope propels us to find the possibility of goodness in ourselves and others. It also fuels endurance and resilience.

Justice : The dignity of every human being, regardless of race, age, language, economic status, sexual orientation or gender will be respected.

Contemplation : Silence is as important in a relationship as talking so that we can rest, reflect, and process.

Curiousity : I will present more questions than answers. By being curious we can explore your experience, find meaning, and learn to recognize your deepest inner voice.

Are you ready for a conversation?

I offer a free, 15 minute, online consultation.