About Dawn

Dawn stands in her backyard, smiling, wearing a sweater and a coral necklace.

Dawn has spent her ministry working with a wide diversity of people helping them connect to the Spirit through prayer, teaching, and one-on-one care. In 2020, a health crisis ended her parish ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada, but her desire to bring people to a place of peace and freedom grew stronger. Dawn has 25 years of spiritual care experience and is certified as a coach through the Healthy Rhythms Institute.

As a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, Dawn has served congregations from 8 people to 300. Her chaplaincy work includes two regional hospitals and three Canadian universities. She has led regional retreats, served on national committees, and worked tirelessly in the efforts for equal marriage within the church. More recently, Dawn has advised movements working to address sexual abuse in the ACC. She still serves local churches by preaching and presiding at worship.

Currently, Dawn is a co-pastor of Harbor Online Community, a community of progressive believers in Jesus seeking freedom from dogmatic approaches to church. She is also a doctoral candidate at Martin Luther University College, studying clergy engagement with creative practice.

Dawn lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her spouse.